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This information pertains to EtreCheckPro only.

See details for EtreCheck.

EtreCheckPro Details

System requirements:
An "Intel" Macintosh computer running OS X 10.9 “Mavericks” or later.
By default, Safari will automatically expand the download into an executable app that you can just double-click and run. If you have changed your default download settings, you may have to double-click the “” file to expand it into an executable file that you can double-click to run.
EtreCheck does not need to be installed. You can run it right from your Downloads folder. Of course, you can also drag it into your Applications folder and run it from there.
When you are done with EtreCheckPro, just drag it to the trash. Or, even better, keep using it!
Changes in EtreCheckPro version 6.3.5:
  • Universal build for new processor;
  • Add new 2020 computers;
  • Improve reporting of new System Extensions;
  • Update Insights with recent data;
  • Fix a bug with local snapshots;
  • Reuse recently used problem type and description; and
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.
EtreCheck EtreCheck - available in the Mac App Store
  • Free, with in-app purchase
  • One click install
  • Easy, automatic updates
  • Some limitations due to Mac App Store sandbox
Download EtreCheck from the App Store Download EtreCheck from the App Store
EtreCheckPro EtreCheckPro - available directly from Etresoft
  • Free, with in-app purchase
  • No Mac App Store limitations
  • Easy adware removal
  • Interactive storage display
  • Interactive analytics display with Power User package
Click to download Download EtreCheckPro directly from Etresoft Download EtreCheckPro directly from Etresoft
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