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How do I use EtreCheck 4?
There are a number of ways to use EtreCheck 4. You can use it just like previous versions of EtreCheck and post an EtreCheck report on an internet discussion forum like Apple Support Communities. Now, with EtreCheck 4, you have more options. EtreCheck 4 gives you extensive information about your Mac in an easy-to-read format. Etrecheck 4 includes links to Apple and 3rd party support resources for even more detailed information. Finally, EtreCheck 4 can identify dozens of specific, common problems.
What do I do with the EtreCheck report?
EtreCheck was designed for use on Apple Support Communities. Run EtreCheck, generate a report, and paste the report into a new question on Apple Support Communities. Be sure to include a good description of the problem. People who see your report will have a better idea about where the problem is and can give you more accurate instructions that will resolve your problem more quickly and easily than if you had not included an EtreCheck report.
Is Apple Support Communities safe?
Apple Support Communities is about as safe as the rest of the internet, for whatever that is worth. Like any internet site, there are people who sincerely want to help you and then there are people who only want to scam you. You can use EtreCheck to help differentiate between them. If someone asks you for an EtreCheck report, it means they want to help you and they want to do it safely. But if someone tries to tell you EtreCheck is harmful or a "junk app" - watch out! You are being scammed! This happens even on Apple Support Communities.
Is EtreCheck safe?
EtreCheck is designed for safety. It never asks for your password. If your password is needed to delete adware, the Finder will ask for it. It automatically hides any personal information. It never changes anything on your machine. EtreCheck is cryptographically signed with my Apple Developer ID.
Does EtreCheck fix malware and adware?
Yes! EtreCheck can detect and remove adware and malware. EtreCheck is not a traditional antivirus tool that checks for only a handful of known Mac adware or malware, and millions of Windows malwares that are harmless to a Mac user. Instead, EtreCheck looks for specific behaviours that are commonly used by malicious software like adware and malware. This enables EtreCheck to detect new adware and malware before any other security tool. EtreCheck can do this without the constant signature updates required by traditional antivirus software.
What if EtreCheck or people on Apple Support Communities can't solve my problem?
Unfortunately, not all problems can be solved on an internet-based tech support web forum. Some problems require in-person diagnostics by a trained technical support engineer. You can always contact Apple Support directly or an Apple Authorized Service Provider. They can provide one-on-one assistance either in-person or via internet screen-sharing.
How much does EtreCheck cost? Is it still free?
EtreCheck is still free for most people. If you are having problems with your computer, we don’t want you to have to pay to get help. EtreCheck will generate 5 reports for free. That should be enough to resolve most problems. A few advanced features will be unavailable.

If you really like EtreCheck and want to keep using it to learn more about your Mac and keep it in tip-top shape, you will need to purchase a license. EtreCheck licenses are region-specific. A license will cost about $10 US. Running a worldwide business over the internet, and doing it legally, involves substantial legal risks and financial costs. Our costs of doing business in some regions, such as the EU, are substantially higher and our prices reflect those extra costs. In other regions, prices may be less than $10 US.

Each EtreCheck license allows up to 3 activations on the same license. You can easily deactivate a copy of EtreCheck and move licenses to other computers.
How do I purchase?
See the How to Purchase page
All purchases should be initiated through EtreCheck itself so that the activation happens automatically. EtreCheck will not allow you to purchase until you download and run it first. You must generate a report. When the report is complete, there will be a purchase button available. Click the Purchase button in the toolbar to see the price for your region. Then, if you want, you can purchase a license. We want to make sure that people know how to use EtreCheck and find good value in the software before spending any money.

In most cases, once your purchase is complete, EtreCheck will be automatically activated. You will receive a receipt and activation code via e-mail. If the automatic activation fails, you can always activate manually.
Why can’t I make a screenshot
EtreCheck has many users that aren’t very tech-savvy. A common problem has been that people post screen shots from EtreCheck instead of sharing the text report. This was always an annoyance, but in EtreCheck 4, it is even more important. EtreCheck 4’s modern user interface only redacts personal information from the text report. The modern interface is designed for the user, so it does not remove personal information. For this reason, screen shots of the modern interface cannot be posted on Apple Support Communities. They could contain private information such as your name or e-mail address. Etresoft, Inc. takes your privacy very seriously.

We assume that licensed users have already used EtreCheck to learn more about their machine and already know how to safely use the EtreCheck report in an online forum. Therefore, licensed users can take screen shots.
Any other tips?
Sure! Read Etresoft's Tips for a Healthy Mac